Quality Management Audit

A project quality audit (sometimes called a Quality Assurance Review) and subsequent action plan will improve business processes within the organization. Ideally, a contract should include the option for such an independent assessment or some other means to assure that the project is on track and will deliver the quality that the client expects within the schedule and budget targets.
ATS report is generated using a tested methodology and provides the following:

  • An independent perspective, with unbiased insight on project status and results
  • Assessment of the quality of project deliverables
  • Evaluation against best practices
  • Recommendations and alternatives.

Project Auditing Services

Audit is a systematic and wherever possible, independent examination to determine whether activities and related results conform to planned arrangements and whether these arrangements are implemented effectively and are suitable to achieve the organization's policy and objectives.

ATS believes that an audit should achieve three goals:

  1. To identify existing problems in a project;
  2. To identify areas where problems may occur if changes are not made; and
  3. To support the resolution of problems by recommending where changes should be made.

Project Health, Safety and Environment Management

At ATS, Health, Safety and Environmental (Health Safety and Environment) responsibilities are integral to the way it conducts business and translate ATS principles in providing Health Safety and Environment Management Services in the market. Successful handling of a Health Safety and Environment system is an essential component of a business strategy. Through observance and encouragement of this policy, ATS assists clients in protecting the environment and the overall well-being of all of stakeholders, specifically, employees, clients, contractors, and communities. In order to achieve these objectives, ATS enables clients’ business processes to identify Health Safety and Environment risks arising from business activities and to reduce them to the lowest practical levels.

ATS takes a proactive approach towards enabling clients to builds capacity in managing safe work environments for all employees and to be accountable for promoting continued safety education and training for all employees, assigning responsibility for all aspects of the work, continuously reviewing work procedures to identify potential areas of improvement, and ensuring a thorough evaluation of all incidents.

Project Quality Management

Arabian Techical Services (ATS) has always believed that the quality of a product is vital to the continued success of a business. A well-prepared marketing strategy might bring a customer to the door, but if the delivered product fails to satisfy expectations, customers never return. Businesses must develop their standards for quality and constantly reinforce those values. Compromising on quality pushes customers away and gives more opportunities to competitors. ATS is a watch guard of quality principles that create effective business organizations.

Project Quality Management includes developing a project plan, defining project goals and objectives. Specifying tasks or how goals will be achieved, what resources are needed, and associating budgets and timelines for completion are at the heart of ATS services. It also includes implementing the project plan, along with careful controls to stay on the "critical path", that is, to ensure the plan is being managed and implemented according to plan. ATS Quality Management services are tailored, from assistance in contractor selection to complete project management operations, in order to meet client requirements.

  • Quality Project Management Services includes:
  • Total Project Quality Management Services
  • Project Quality Assurance with Project Quality Plan, Inspection and Test Plans, Audits & Inspections & Witness for Testing
  • Preparation of Welding Procedure Specifications (WPSs), Procedure Qualification Records (PQRs) & Welding Performance Qualifications (WPQs)
  • Quality Control Procedures
  • Supply of Specialist Personnel

Managing steady growth creates a need to streamline complex projects; efficient use of scarce resources is critical to business success.  For a successful business, managing time, meeting quality objectives, and keeping costs within budget are essential requirements; rules of the classic triangle of time, quality, and cost in project management.  However, quality management is the most important among all equals; a factor so critical to project integrity and a measure of resource efficiency.

Health, Safety and Environment Audit

The health, safety and environment management audit that ATS adopts is a structured process of collecting independent information on the efficiency, effectiveness and reliability of the total Health Safety and Environment management system and drawing up plans for corrective action.

Project Health Safety and Environment auditing provides the method for monitoring and controlling Health Safety and Environment activities and procedures throughout the life of the project. It comprises of two activities:

  • Formal audits
  • Unscheduled inspections

The formal audits provide a more comprehensive and formal assessment of compliance with Health Safety and Environment procedures and plans. They are carried out at key points during the project life cycle. The unscheduled inspections are unplanned and impulsive inspections carried out during the day or night. This helps in the true assessment of compliance with Health Safety and Environment standards.

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